Do you have unsightly weeds in those cracks and crevices? Are the expansion joints in your sidewalk, driveway, patio or pool now rotten or missing?


An expansion joint is a material placed in the cracks (or joints) between concrete slabs to protect the slabs from cracking when they contract and expand as the temperature changes in Houston, TX. After a while, the expansion joint can dry out and won’t absorb the stress as well as it once did. That’s when cracks appear in the concrete slabs.

We specialize in this type of work.

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  • We remove rotted wood, weeds and debris
  • Grind out cracks/joints where needed
  • Clean and prep all crack and joint areas
  • Fill joints with foam backer rod or sand Pour ½ or more of our urethane sealant
  • Inspect joints to ensure proper sealant levels
  • Secure area with yellow caution tape until dry

What We Do

If the joints in your driveways, pools, walkways, decks, parking lots and other concrete surfaces are starting to show cracks and wear and tear, call the experts today. Houston Concrete Solutions is ready to help you!
Expansion Joint Areas We Repair:
  • Preventing Trip Hazards
  • Preventing Pest Invasion
  • Preventing Sub-Soil Erosion
  • Preventing Cracking
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Adding Curb appeal
  • Eliminating weeding
These Services Include:
  • Concrete Expansion Joints
  • Driveway Expansion Joints
  • Sidewalk Expansion Joints
  • Pool Deck Expansion Joints
  • Pool Coping Expansion Joints
  • Patio Expansion Joints

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